Oyster cultivation and processing

From oyster spat to oyster basket. We do everything ourselves.

Oyster plots

We use dedicated plots in the Oosterschelde and Grevelingenmeer for our oyster cultivation. We try to catch as much spat as possible, because the more we have, the more oysters we will be able to harvest for consumption. We lay empty mussel shells to serve as collectors on the plots to which the oyster spat can attach itself and grow. The growth causes the mussel shells to break down and ultimately only oysters remain. 

Oyster pits

After dredging up, oysters are immediately brought ashore and sorted for size. They are subsequently stored in our oyster pits, which are filled with water from the Oosterschelde, where they stay until they are packed. Would you like to see one of these oyster pits? Visitors are welcome by prior appointment, and you can even taste a few oysters while you are here.

Eating and cooking oysters

Oysters are delicious raw. Squeeze a little lime or lemon juice on and simply savour them! In fact, you don't need anything else with them, particularly if you choose Zeeland flat oysters; they have a salty flavour all of their own.