Mussel cultivation

From mussel seed to mussel auction. We do everything ourselves.

Dredging: twice a year, collection: once a year

If all goes well, mussel seed can be dredged up twice a year: in the spring and autumn. This depends on the quantity of mussel seed which has fallen. The collection and harvesting of mussel seed takes place once a year. 

The mussel auction

As soon as the mussels are suitable for consumption – a point in time which is determined entirely by nature – we dredge them up. We are obliged to offer our mussels for human consumption for sale at the Dutch mussel auction in Yerseke, as are all other mussel farmers. This is where supply (mussel farmers) meets demand (mussel traders) and where we buy our own mussels. And, because we sell more than we cultivate, we also buy mussels from other farmers who produce top quality mussels. After buying mussels at the auction, we take them directly to our trading plots. Read more about this at mussel processing.