Mussel processing

From mussel plot to mussel pot. We do everything ourselves.

Continual flushing of the mussels

We transfer the mussels by ship from the trading plots to our cleaning unit in Yerseke, for further processing. After arrival, the mussels are first stored in special tanks where they are continually flushed with fresh water from the Oosterschelde. This constant changing of water ensures that any sand or other impurities are flushed out.

The packaging: jute, MAP and Seafresh Pack

We pack our mussels in jute bags, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and, naturally, in our special Seafresh Pack. We produce both consumer and wholesale packs.

And into the mussel pot!

Consumers can put that oh-so-familiar black mussel pot on the table and enjoy Qualimer mussels within 24 hours of our dredging them up from our trading plots! Tuck in and enjoy!